Saturday, March 21, 2009

Identity Manager Overview --- ||||

Sun Identity Manager allows you to manage and audit access to accounts and resources. with the help of IDM Tools so that you can do periodic and daily user-provisioning and auditing tasks, Identity Manager provide services for internal and external customers

Goals of the Identity Manager System

  • Manage account access to a large variety of systems and resources
  • Securely manage dynamic account
  • Set up delegated rights to create and manage user account
  • Handle large numbers of enterprise resources, as well as an increasingly large number of extranet customers and partners
  • Securely authorize user access to enterprise information systems
  • Data in Synchronized format
  • Define audit policies
  • Conduct periodic access reviews
  • Monitoring and auditing

So Finally Every things is just move around three things,USER >>>> & Resources & Its Management ( How you manage both Resource and user )