Monday, March 15, 2010

How Increase OIM Group Name Maximum Length

Many organizations have a large number of groups and use an hierarchical naming convention which can easily exceed the 30 character group name length limitation in Oracle Identity Manager .

To increase the allowed length of the group name, attributes need to be modified in the database and in the metadata display options. The following steps increases the limitation on group name length from 30 to 2000:

Increase the width of the UGP_NAME column with the following SQL: alter table UGP modify UGP_NAME varchar2(2000 char);

Increase the width of Group Name field in the Admin Console:

a. Edit the \xellerate\config\FormMetaData.xml file.

b. Locate the line:

c. Change the dataLength from 30 to 2000:

d. Save and close the file. e. Restart the application server.