Monday, December 20, 2010

OIM–11G Installation Process


How to install Oracle Identity Management 11g (Click on Image and get all the Images in SLIDE SHOW)

1. Install Oracle 11g Database
2. Create Repository for OIM 11g Through Repository Creation Utility(RCU)        :-ofm_rcu_win32_11.
3. Install Weblogic Server
4. Install Identity Management                 :-  ofm_idm_win_11.
5. Overrite Identity Management              :-  ofm_idm_win_11.
6. Install Identity And Access Management                      :- ofm_iam_generic_11.
7. Install SOA Component                                  :- ofm_soa_generic_11.
8. Overrite SOA Component                               :- ofm_soa_generic_11.

Create Repository for OIM 11G/SOA Products. Through RCU.

Installation & Configuration of Weblogic 10.3.3 or 11G


Installation & Configuration of SOA 11G ( and Update

Installation & Configuration of Identity Manager 11G (Generic)

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