Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sun JAVA MQ- Pending COnfiguration

In This Video You can see after Broker creat--

first Create -- Object Store

then it will comes with Destination and Connection Factory, just configure all the parameter like in this video and rest will see in next Post-Video

I have here added all these parameters

Broker Name --- idmBroker
host local host
port 7676
user name admin
password admin

Brokers having 2 main component

1. Service
2. Destination idm_Q_destination (name)

Now i crearted Object Store - just add one new Object Store
Object Store odmObjectStore (Name)

Added 2 main classes

Name = java.naming.factory.initial
value = com.sun.jndi.fscontext.RefFSContextFactory

Name = java.naming.Provider.url
value = file:///c:/idm_MQ_TEMP ( Here we can put Any Address where we want to store the Value, even we can put some ldap address, that will explain you later.

Destination Object

LookUp Name idm_Destination_Object
Destination Name idm_Destination_Object

Connection Factory

LookUp Name idm_Connection_Factory

Default User guest
Pasword guest