Monday, March 23, 2009

Pre requisit - Installation and configuration -- for PWD-SYNC

In my Previous post i have installed the PWD SYNC on domain control and explained you why we need password sysncronization, and i installed also.

there is the 2 way to do the password Syncronization functional one is Direct Method and 2nd is Through JMS Methos,

Through JMS methos is mor secure and more common now a days in enterprise, because its safe - because it provide the security feature for preventing lost password. and till that password not reach to the destination, it will be in Queoe, and on certain period of second update will be done. Now one more thing i want to tell you that, Password Sysnchronization will prefer HTTPS:// Protocol, in place of HTTP://, because its Secure and work with SSL also, will explain exvery thing, but i am writing you the Step for this JMS Method Based Password Syncronization.
Install - Password Syncronization Tools on Domain Controller (finished in previous )
Configure - Sun Message Queue
Create - Broker
Connect Broker
Configure Queue
Create Storing Object
Configure - Destination
Configure - Connection Factory
because Its All required when we configure the JMS Listner Adaptor in Identity Management like
java.naming.Provider.url = " "
java.naming.factory.initial = " "
So that first i am going to configure "Sun Message Queue"---- i have downloaded this Software from (Download)
The Latest Version of JMQ is 4.2, but here i am cretaing Video on 3.7 - Update - 1, version.
Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide
Starting Brokers
First Download the Software and Copy on Any where in The Directory, and see the Directory Structure, you will get the Main Directory in "MQ", and that is the parent Directory for that.
We use yhe utilty to configure "mq\bin\imqbrokerd" (A broker’s configuration is governed by a set of configuration files)
You can start a broker interactively from the command line, using the Broker utility (imqbrokerd). (Alternatively, on Windows, you can start a broker from the Start menu.) You cannot use the Administration Console (imqadmin) or the Command utility (imqcmd) to start a broker; the broker must already be running before you can use these tools.
Create Broker & Connect - (Video Below)
Broker Name ----- "idmBroker"
Host ----- "" or localhost
port Numebr ----- " 7676"
user name ----- "admin"
password ----- "admin"
When Broker Created then right Click on Broke and click on connect Broker, then it will connected after that.

next posting will upload destination and Object Store --(Destination and Connection Factory)