Sunday, March 22, 2009

Step - 3 ( MySQL - Installation )

Here we can take Any Repository Like Oracle, Sql Server, DB2 or My SQL that i am taking Here, BUt for ALL There is Diffrent Connector will have to copy into the Lib Folder of the Container, Name of All the Connector is below

Step - 3 ( To Install Any Database For Repository) Like MySql, Oracle, Sql Server or DB2

MySQL Unpack the connector package.
Copy the mysql-connector-Version-bin.jar file to the WEB-INF\lib directory.
Optional: Rename the .jar file to mysqljdbc.jar.
Connectror downloaded from

Oracle Copy the .jar file to the idm\WEB-INF\lib directory.
Optional: Rename the .jar file to oraclejdbc.jar.
Connector coped from Oracle/jdbc/lib/ojdbc14.jar
Or can be downloaded from for specific driver for diffrent
version and that must compatable with Java-JDBC version and run Time

SQL Server Copy the sqljdbc.jar file to the WEB-INF\lib directory.
Optional: Rename sqljdbc.jar to mssqlserver.jar.
The Connector will be copied from Installed Directory of Microsoft SQL Server
2005 Driver for JDBC/lib if installed version of MS-SQL Server is 2000 then will
coped all the three .jar file that presant in the lib Folder

DB2 Unzip the file.
Note: On Windows systems rename the to db2java.jar.
Copy the appropriate JAR files to the WEB-INF\lib directory.
Optional: Rename the .jar file to db2jdbc.jar.

Start the JDBC driver:
On UNIX systems, enter: db2jstrt port# (default 6789) running under instant
On Windows systems, start from services

Here i am giving the example only for MYSQL, for other Database you can visit this link for other Databases.

Copy the create_waveset_tables.mysql script to a temporary location. This script is located in the db_scripts directory in the Identity Manager installation package, and also in the idm\sample directory if Identity Manager is already installed.
Modify the create_waveset_tables.mysql script to change the database user password
Create the new tables by using one of the following commands:
On Windows
c:\mysql\bin\mysql -u root <>
this Command will create the database in MySQL, you can view "waveset" Database with MYSQL Command and can see all the Database Schema.
And then Copy the connector in Lib Folder of the Container--WEB-INF\LIB\*.jar Files