Sunday, March 22, 2009

STEP - 4 (Keep in mind All These Information)

Step - 4

After all the Three Step of Installation some necessary step that we will have to follow like
1. Collect Some .jar files (activation.jar / mail.jar / jms.jar)

2. Copy "create_waveset_tables.mysql" [That you can find in the installer of IDM) like here{\idm 8.0.0\IDM_8_0_0_0\db_scripts\create_waveset_tables.mysql} >>>> {idm-mysql\mysql\bin } Where you have install the MySql as Repository

3. One more .jar file that we can download it from website i.e "mysql-connector-java-5.0.5-bin.jar" that we can copy it into some folder in WEB-INF/LIB folder at the time of installation of Sun - IDM

4. Download Sun IDM Kit from sun website

The Above all the three step is must for sucessfull installation of Sun IDM.