Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sun IDM Optional Component

When Sun IDM Installed and its working properly there is 2 Most Important componet will have to install (required)

1. Gateway
2. Password Syncronization

Boths are most important componet for Identity Management.

Installing the Sun Identity Manager Gateway

Identity Manager requires a lightweight gateway to manage resources that cannot be directly accessed from the server. If we plan to set up & Access any of the following resource adapters, we must install the Sun Identity Manager Gateway.( Take of Version Control for this Gateway--- Same version of the IDM
Windows Active Directory
Novell NetWare, including GroupWise
RSA ACE/Server
Scripted Gateway
The Gateway may be installed on at least Windows 2000 SP3 and Windows 2003 platforms
You should run an instance of the Gateway on multiple machines to prevent the Gateway from becoming a single point of failure. Configure network to provide failover if the main Gateway instance dies.
Systems that are running the Identity Manager Gateway should be configured so that Dr. xWatson does not produce visual notifications. If this feature is set and the Gateway encounters an error, the process will hang until the pop-up window is closed.

Refer to the following web page for information about setting international support on Windows XP and Server 2003 systems:
Installation of Gatway
Select the Windows machine on which to install the Gateway
It must be a member of the domain in which the accounts and other objects will be managed
Create a directory called idm on the remote system
Copy the file from the Identity Manager installation package
Unpack and copy the contents of the file to the idm directory
From the directory where the Gateway files are installed, run the following command to install the Gateway as a service:gateway -i
Run the following command to start the Gateway service:gateway -s
you can check other Command for gatywat installed, and see the image for that, and you can see some important Errors that will come on Gateway installed domain.
’Overlapped I/O operation is in progress’
The most common cause of this message is that you have asked for the service to be installed or removed before a prior installation or removal has fully completed. Check the state of the service
’Input/output error’
that you do not have rights to work with this service, if you want to see more about the gateway for the Domain controller, you can see in Video for full installation process and how to check it that gateway is running or not and all other Errors. below