Sunday, March 22, 2009

Supported Software and Environments

In this section i am going to write all the detail about what software require for the SUN-IDM installation and how will move from start and deploye in real Life environment.

Operating Systems

HP-UX 11i v1, 11i v2
AIX 5.2, 5L v5.3
Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3, 2000 SP4
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Solaris 9, 10 Sparc and x86
Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1
Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server 3.x, 4.x
Novell SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 SP1

Java Support

JRE 1.5 or new Update from JSE before you have to install the Sun IDM, because IDM need the Run Time Environment, so that set the JAVA_HOME = {path of the Installed Directory of JAVA) and Set the path also so that IDM Run Time Environment can search bin folder of java
System Virtualization Support in Sun Java System Products
Sun support for Sun Java System products when used in conjunction with system virtualization products and features. It applies to Sun products contained in the following Sun Java System suites:

Sun Java Application Platform Suite
Sun Java Identity Management Suite
Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite
Sun Java B2B Suite
Sun Java ESB Suite
Sun Java Web Infrastructure Suite

A core capability of system virtualization offerings is the ability to execute multiple operating system (OS) instances on shared hardware. Functionally, an application deployed to an OS hosted in a virtualized environment is generally unaware that the underlying platform has been virtualized. Sun performs testing of its Sun Java System products on select system virtualization and OS combinations to help validate that the Sun Java System products continue to function on properly sized and configured virtualized environments as they do on non-virtualized systems.

System Resource Sizing
The combination of being able to deploy multiple OS instances and applications on a single system and the ease by which system resources can be allocated to OS instances increases the likelihood of realizing undersized environments for your applications. Under these circumstances it is especially important for you to follow the documented resource allocation recommendations and requirements for processor, memory, storage and network for each virtual OS instance and the underlying hardware platform so as to ensure sufficient levels of application performance.
Refer to the Sun Java System product documentation for recommended and supported system resource requirements.

Advanced Features of Virtualized Systems Enterprise-oriented system virtualization offerings provide features to enable administrators to efficiently manage resources provided to OS instances. For example, administrators can dynamically adjust the amount of memory allocated to each OS instance and clone or live-migrate OS instances along with their deployed applications. Since the Sun Java System product deployments may not be qualified to operate under these dynamic circumstances, you should exercise caution when utilizing advanced features such as dynamic resources management. As Sun Java System products are tested successfully in these advanced virtualization scenarios, this support statement will be updated to reflect support for these features.